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Celeste Services | Export Management Company
Celeste Services | Export Management Company

The Solutions of an export management company (EMC) are extensive. Various Solutions of an EMC include foreign market research, marketing strategies, foreign distribution, establishment of a logistics system, the management and training of a foreign sales force, shipping and export information and details, the arrangement while others operate on commission. They are experts in foreign trade and recognize the strongest market for an individual product as well as the best sales strategy to utilize in that market.

Celeste Services is also an export management company.We serve as a connection and consultant between the manufacturers who are looking to expand into foreign markets and foreign buyers seeking to purchase goods from manufacturers. Through our network of qualified and experienced international distributors, Celeste Services connects exporters to world markets for greater opportunity. We are the link between manufacturers and Solutions to export markets. Suppliers benefit from our experience in exporting, while importers / distributors benefit from a sales team dedicated solely to international sales and customer service. Our trade experience helps both the supplier and the importer, assisting both parties for the best possible business outcomes.

We act as your International Management Department!

The international market offers both growth and profit potential but getting into this market can be expensive and time consuming.

Celeste Services provides the expertise and resources so you can:

• Expand into new markets

• Create new distribution channels

• Increase market share

• Increase brand reach and awareness

• Introduce products/Solutions to new customer markets

• Adhere to local market’s needs and demands

• Establish your brand as a global player

• Giving your business the competitive advantage

Celeste Services is not just another EMC - Export Management Company, it is a full service international management organization that specializes in sales and marketing. We will not only manage your international trading needs, but we help you with almost every aspect of selling, and we provide the full international market penetration and support that your business needs. So whether you want to sell your products overseas, bring in your manufacturing supplies at a lesser rate, or just source your manufacturing, we can help you and your business reach your goals. We are proud to offer an extensive range of Solutions to meet all your needs. We can provide you and your business with the tools that you need to penetrate the international marketplace.

Sales Representation

Celeste Services can implement your local and dedicated sales presence overseas, and you can monitor and manage it all from the comfort of your current office. When you have your sales presence implemented by the Celeste Services team you do not need to worry about expensive legal fees, bureaucratic issues, language communications, or expensive physical logistic concerns.

Outsourcing Solutions

Celeste Services can help your company determine the Total Cost of Outsourcing (TCO). We guide you through the process step by step and ensure that all of your concerns are being addressed.

Global Entry Plan

When entering a new foreign market, it is essential to have a great plan. Celeste Services has created a systematic plan to allow for an easy, seamless development

Complete & Detailed List of Our Solutions:

• Advertising Campaigns

• Advertising Coordination

• Branding and Image Identity Planning

• Channel Management

• Compensation Plans

• Competitive Analysis

• Customer Relationship Management

• Customs

• Direct Sales Strategies

• Distribution Channel Sales Strategies

• E-commerce Sales Strategies

• Existing Product Revisions

• Export and Import Logistics

• Foreign Re-seller and Distribution Management

• Incentives

• Intelligent Market Snapshots

• International Sales Force Management

• Invoicing

• Lead Generation

• Legal

• Manufacturing Outsourcing

• Market Penetration

• Market Research

• Marketing Materials

• Marketing Support

• Motivation Tactic

• Negotiations

• New Product Introductions

• On-site Accompaniment

• Ordering and Fulfillment

• Payment Options

• Payment Options

• Primary Marketing Research

• Privileges

• Product Training

• Product Training

• Qualitative Analysis

• Quality control

• Quantitative Analysis

• Quantity and Discount Negotiations

• Recognition

• Re-seller Sales Strategies

• Sales and Marketing Strategies

• Secondary Research

• Shipping and Forwarding

• Shipping Logistics

• Trade Shows and Events

• Translation Solutions

• Transportation

• Warehousing

Celeste Services is an "Export Management Company" created to help small to medium sized manufacturers establish an immediate and dedicated export division. It's been our experience that many manufacturers do not have the time, resources and sales organization, to devote themselves in developing and expanding their export sales. In addition, the cost of starting an "in-house" export division to be fairly expensive. Operating expenses, such as: communications, technology, utilities, etc., can diminish your bottom line profits, As your partner, Provisions can manage the daily complexities of your export business and help reduce your operating cost, allowing you to maximize your investment dollars towards marketing and building your brands overseas. We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed by different International Manufacturers to represent, manage, build and expand their international business. We invite you to peruse our website and become familiar with our Solutions.

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